Cucumber 6L & 8L Grow Bags (box variations)

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  • Achieves better hygiene: Thanks to a self-contained system.
  • Improves crop yields: Commercially proven to increase the quantity and quality of Cucumbers
  • Engineered for consistent moisture distribution.
  • Saves water: Allows for accurate control of moisture content during critical crop phases.

Spec Sheet

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This product is sold only in the specified bulk quantities, per box/carton/pack
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Item Size Qty per box Unit Price
6 litre (18x18x18cm) 44/box $1.29 ea.
8 litre (23x18x19cm) 32/box $1.85 ea.


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Introducing the Easyfil Growing System.

Our innovative system features a patented Easyfil open-top PlanterBag that combines the growing media and growing container into a single product.

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18 x 18 x 18cm, 0.65kg – 6L (Box of 44), 23 x 18 x 19cm, 0.85kg – 8L (Box of 32)

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