Rope is a versatile and essential product used across a range of horticultural applications, including skinning film on polytunnels, supporting plants, create trellises, and secure greenhouse cover and shade cloth. Polypropylene rope is particularly strong, durable and UV resistant, making it ideal for outdoor environments and the harsh Australian sun.

Polygro® has released a brand-new product, designed and based on feedback from growers and tunnel installers. Tunnel film is an expensive commodity, so why waste your money on inferior ropes that aren’t designed specifically for skinning film onto tunnels?


  • Highly UV stabilised – designed to withstand degradation from direct UV exposure, with an 8 year service life
  • High strength, 6.5mm diameter for extra strength and less chance of losing film in storms
  • Low stretch – yarns are pre stretched for better fit on tunnels, no film slippage, no re-tensioning
  • Polypropylene lightweight and easy to handle when adjusting trellises frequently

Spec Sheet