Long history in Twine

GreenlifeGRO’s heritage in twine traces back to 1970 which has constantly evolved through innovation. As a longtime leader in the production and distribution of twines, we have always strived to provide product of the highest quality and adapt to our customers requirements. Our current range is focused on providing growers with high-quality twines for horticultural applications, including greenhouse crop support and trellising.

We ensure our twines are consistent, reliable and meet the highest standards for horticultural use. With our long history in the twine industry, we have established a reputation for excellence and reliability to ensure customer satisfaction is met helping customers shield and yield.

Earthtwine: Bio-degradable, Compostable, Made in NZ

We support growers to move away from a ‘buy > use> dispose’ linear approach and transition towards a circular approach by eliminating the impact of plastic in the environment.
Our products are made from plant-based polymers and bio­materials and have been developed with local growers to ensure that each product meets the standards and expectations of the industry.

EarthTwine will decompose fully in a composting environment leaving no harmful residues in the process. It breaks down into water, CO2 and biomass.

Trellis Twine

Polygro® Trellis Twine is a high-strength, highly UV-resistant polypropylene twine that has been specifically designed for crop trellis support. Polygro’s Trellis Twine provides peace of mind that plants will be supported on trellis systems for their
entire lifecycle.

Growers Twine

Polygro® Grower’s Twine is a high-strength, highly UV- resistant polypropylene twine that has been specifically designed for cucumber crop support. Polygro® Grower’s Twine provides the convenience of a multi-ended coil that allows 50 twines to be cut to specific lengths at the same time, decreasing labour costs.