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Multibay Sawtooth Greenhouse, NSW

Crop Type: Commercial flower and plant grower.

Key Challenges: Protecting plants from sun and retaining heat in winter. Installing multibay greenhouse on undulating and sloping ground.

Structure type: Multibay 8m x 12m Sawtooth Greenhouse

Outcome: Completed the structure with limited impact program to continue daily client activity onsite. Greenhouse provides great functionality and flexibility to the client.

This client engaged with us to design, manufacture and install 8 x 12 meter wide Multibay Sawtooth Greenhouses on their site at Glenorie. The client required an eight-bay greenhouse to protect their quality homegrown plants along a sloping and undulating surface. This required careful project management from footings and site layout plans to significant mechanical movements onsite for the install.

Detailed drawings and quotation allowed our installation crew to effectively follow the assembly plan. Additional crew members were supplied to ensure continuity and experience for members that had predominantly been completing netting structures.

The Multibay Sawtooth Greenhouse was completed with ongoing client daily activities onsite to limit any reduction in the grower’s operations. The Greenhouse is an imposing and impressive presence onsite providing great functionality and flexibility to the client. Additional value added services are available to be supplied in the future, along with a duplication project scheduled for next capex year.

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