Netting and Shade Structures

Our Permanent Protective Netting / Shade Structure strength and durability, using galvanised steel, high tensile cable, and only premium netting and/or shade cloth, is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Our tailor-made designs allow us to create a shield against hail, wind, sun, pests, and evaporation and focus on your most needed type of protection on any terrain.

Some of the industries benefiting from our Permanent Netting and Shade Structure include orchard growers, nurseries, vegetable growers, livestock, aquaculture, and vehicle storage.

New Generation Structures

Netting Structure Specifications

  • Galvanised Steel Posts
  • Cast Steel Posts Caps – designed for multiple cables, wires, and fabric connections.
  • Adjusted post heights to terrain utilising connection details.
  • Screw pile foundations into the ground, therefore, secure pots during installation activities.


Protective Netting Features

  • Wide growing bays. Bay widths can vary from 8m to 20m
  • Wide post spaces and minimal internal posts
  • Large range of quality nets with long UV warranties
  • Only premium-grade components and nets are used to ensure a
    long life span
  • Premium shade cloth with multiple choice of shade factors and colours
  • The most economical protective structure available


  • Total wind, hail, and storm protection
  • Birds and pest protection
  • Reduced sun and heat stress
  • Reduced evaporation
  • Superior stock quality and yields

Design Options

  • 4m to 5m is the most common height. Although any height can be achieved
  • Galvanised steel posts (treated wood pine also available)
  • Wide range of nets to choose from
  • Angled or vertical side wall
  • Hinged / sliding steel gates or curtain-style gates
  • Suspended cable grid to support overhead irrigation