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Polygro and Greenlife Structures Coalesce as GreenlifeGRO

April 28, 2023

The Tapex Group is excited to be announcing the merger of two subsidiary companies Polygro and Greenlife Structures to create a leading solutions organization in protected cropping across Australia for growers. The rebranded name of the entity to GreenlifeGRO represents what we do. The name has been established in the modern world of horticulture, but retain elements of heritage, which comes from years of experience and leadership in protected cropping.

The combination of the two successful companies into GreenlifeGRO will provide our customers in the protected crop farming and horticulture sector. The formation of GreenlifeGRO will enhance our product mix under a one stop shop entity to increase connectability and convenience for our customers.

GreenlifeGRO’s objective is in the tag line – to help growers ‘shield and yield’ their crops. We strive to deliver better crop outcomes and minimise our environmental impact through less waste and developing circular economies for sustainable outcomes, offering the highest quality products and solutions for growing today, tomorrow and future produce and plant life. We are modern leaders in protected cropping and horticulture solutions, overcoming current and future climate and bio security concerns in agronomy.

We are excited about this new chapter and the opportunities that it will bring. GreenlifeGRO will allow us to expand our product offerings, improve operations, and continue to provide innovative solutions for our customers.