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Our New Generation Structures

June 21, 2024
Next Generation Structures

Our New Generation Structures

At GreenlifeGRO, we are passionate about pioneering advancements in greenhouse and netting technology. Our commitment to innovation drives us to continually improve efficiency, sustainability, and productivity in agricultural practices.

The Past

In the past, greenhouse and netting structures relied on conventional materials and designs. However, our industry has evolved significantly, thanks to advancements in materials, design, and technology.

The Future

Our vision for greenhouse and netting structures is clear: shielded protection, increased yield, and unmatched durability. Through innovations like screw piles and cast steel connections, we are revolutionising the industry. Experience structures with increased strength, easier installation, and maintenance, thanks to adjustable post heights for terrain adaptation and screw pile foundations for secure installation. We are shaping the future of agriculture, making it more resilient and accessible than ever before.

Our Services

GreenlifeGRO offers a comprehensive range of services from maintenance to new construction. With dedicated regional teams across Australia, we ensure prompt and reliable service to our valued customers.

At GreenlifeGRO, we are not just a solution-based company; we are pioneers. Our team has even completed a netting recovery project above water, showcasing our dedication to pushing boundaries and overcoming challenges.


Netting Structure Specifications:
  • Galvanised Steel Posts
  • Cast Steel Posts Caps – designed for multiple cables, wires, and fabric connections.
  • Adjusted post heights to terrain utilising connection details.
  • Screw pile foundations into the ground, therefore, secure pots during installation activities.


Greenhouse Specifications:
  • Cast Steel Connections
  • Adjustable heights to manage undulating terrain.
  • Screw pile foundations into ground for quicker onsite installations.
  • Large spans between posts up to 12m wide and 4 meters between posts.
  • Larger height 1 to 4.5 meters in height to gutter.
  • Robust steel design.