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Installation Project, NSW

Crop Type: Potted colour plants.

Key Challenges: The nursery procured an imported greenhouse with no local crew. A contractor was engaged and left the project incomplete. The client turned to our team for rectification and film cladding.

Structure type: Cladding a 3ha greenhouse in double skin film and an air blower system.

Outcome: Complete, fit for purpose structure installed to meet the intended standards of the client.

The grower acquired a 3-ha greenhouse in double skin film equipped with an air blower system. The client procured the imported greenhouse with no local crew to complete the installation. After engaging with a contractor who left the project incomplete, the client reached out in need of rectification and film cladding.

Our crew repaired errors in the structure followed by cladding the imported greenhouse with two skins of film and installation of the air blower systems and components. This required an advanced team and equipment requirements.
The structure was successfully completed to be fit for purpose and meet the high standards of the nursery. We worked closely with the client and outside contractors completing other works, undertaking numerous other tasks and duties to ensure the major greenhouse structure met its intended quality expectation.

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