About Us

We are modern leaders in protected cropping and Horticulture solutions

We are driven to provide proven products and solutions to make protected crop farming and horticulture more efficient and accessible for all growers. We strive to deliver better crop outcomes, less waste, minimise environmental impact, develop circular economies for sustainable outcomes, offering the highest quality products and solutions for growing today, tomorrow and future produce and plant life.

Our Long History

The history of the Tapex Group is steeped in innovation and family values. Tracing back to the 1880’s, four generations of family has constantly delivered on innovation and providing our customers with the highest quality product and services in the agricultural and horticultural markets. The Tapex Group vision is simple – by investing in the best technology and people, we are providing world-class products with unparalleled service.

We have been providing protective cropping solutions since the 1960’s and building horticultural structures since the late 1980’s. With decades of experience and innovation we are committed to helping our clients shield and yield their crops sustainably.