Strawberry 16L & 20L Grow Bags (7/box)

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  • Significantly reduced disease risk.
  • Improved quality and flavour.
  • Save on labour costs with easy, waist-high planting, husbandry, and picking.
  • Increase yields per plant and unit area.
  • Pre-cut drainage and planting holes, and pre-drill dripper holes
  • Suitable For Multiple Crop Cycles.

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Item Size Qty per box Unit Price
16 litre (100x20x8cm) 7/box $3.28 ea.
20 litre (100x20x10cm) 7/box $3.87 ea.


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Advanced Strawberry Farming

Transition your strawberry farming from the soil to efficient aboveground systems, helping you experience better yield and modern harvesting techniques.

Hydroponic grow bags are available in a variety of air/water combinations that allow each grower to control the water content on a daily or seasonal basis. We also offer customised GrowBag sizes. Hydroponic GrowBags are sleeved in co-extruded polythene bags, with customised UV treatment for specific crop and production cycle requirements.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 102 × 21 × 37 cm

16L Strawberry Grow Bag, 1.8kg 100x20x8cm, 20 Chip / 80 Pith, 20L Strawberry Grow Bag, 2.2kg 100x20x10cm, 30 Chip / 70 Pith

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