Windstop ® Windbreak

Wind damage to your plants can cause markedly reduced growth rates, reduced yields for fruiting trees, root damage in young trees, bark damage at ground level, lesions on the leaves and stems and limb breakage.

Some of these losses are readily measurable, while others do not become apparent until harvest.
There are other invisible effects from wind, including increased evaporation and transpiration resulting from reduced relative humidity and temperatures.

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Polygro WindStop® is our commercial grade windbreak cloth that provides protection from wind damage, with deflection percentages ranging from 30 – 70%.

Strong winds can limit the productivity of your crop and cause breaking branches, lacerate flowers and leaves, bruise fruit or cause premature drop. Polygro WindStop® deflects winds, providing a safe zone that reduces plant moisture loss and can even assist with erosion control.

Made from premium knitted HDPE monofilament with a reinforced edge and button eye holes, our product boasts enhanced durability, high UV stabilisation and a 10-year pro-rata UV Warranty. Polygro WindStop® can also be used for privacy screening.