Hailstop® Quad Net / Hail Net

HailSTOP™ nets offer superior protection from hail, with a system that is both safe and economical. Our nets have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio that virtually eliminates any risk of damage from hail, while also providing very light shade for protection for the crops underneath.

HailSTOP™ nets are manufactured from HDPE monofilament, knitted in a sawtooth pattern. Reinforced eyelets are located at both outer edges and at 750mm in from each side, with a 100mm reinforced centre line.

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Available Sizes:

  • 80GSM x 6.5m x 200m (white)
  • Made to order: Crossover Net 95GSM x 10-18m x 100-400m (any colour)

Note: Made to order product requires a minimum of 3,000kg with a surcharge of $1,000.00. No manufacturing under 1,000kg

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