4m Habitat Greenhouse

Habitat Greenhouse 4m

Our 4 metre wide Habitat Greenhouses are designed to be an economical alternative to larger more complex greenhouses. They are simple in design yet versatile and flexible when deciding your climate control needs. Purchase as a kit or take advantage of our full installation and maintenance service with our own trained staff and machinery. Greenhouse length starts at 10m for all widths.

Also available in 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m & 12m wide.

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  • Fully engineered and robust galvanised steel frame made to order in our factory
  • Solarweave reinforced greenhouse film covers
  • Hinged or Sliding doors
  • Pivoting end wall vents and roll-up side wall curtains with shadecloth backing sheets
  • Aluminium Springlock clipping system firmly secures Solarweave sheets to greenhouse frames
  • Frameguard tape is provided to protect Solarweave from metal frame
  • A comprehensive installation manual is provided for all self-installation kits


  • The most economical straight-walled greenhouse available.
  • Total rain, wind and storm protection.
  • Tall roll-up side walls, large roof cavity and end wall pivoting vents help remove the heat build-up in the hotter months and slow down latent heat release in winter.


  • Automated side wall curtains.
  • Automated internal screen system.