Gullwing Greenhouses


  • Independent twin roof vents. Total roof vent area is 45% of floor area
  • Side wall height up to 5m
  • Large gutters and wide 4m post spaces
  • Fully engineered and robust galvanised steel frame made to order in our factory
  • Solarweave reinforced greenhouse film covers
  • Aluminium Springlock clipping system to firmly secure Solarweave sheets to greenhouse frames
  • Frameguard tape is provided to protect Solarweave from metal frame


  • Large roof vents promote exceptional air extraction and transfer
  • Independent roof vents can be opened or closed dependent on wind or rain direction
  • More stable environmental conditions due to a greater air mass
  • Lower maximum air temperatures
  • Less fluctuations in relative humidity
  • Plants are further away from the hot rising air


  • Automated internal screen system
  • Available sizes – 10m wide
  • Minimum length – 10m, no maximum
  • Ask for an installation quote
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